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The Secret UX Issues That Will Make (Or Break) Self-Driving Cars
"We were rolling eastward across the San Mateo Bridge in an Audi A7 at a dutiful 55 miles per hour, and I was riding shotgun accompanied by two of the car’s engineers. With a sticker price topping $70,000, the A7 is a fancy car, but not an uncommon one along the stock-option-paved highways of Silicon Valley. I looked around at the drivers around us, knowing they hadn’t a clue about what was happening right beside them. Traffic was getting thick, as rush hour approached. Outside the window, the water of the San Francisco Bay was a dull green, like patinated copper, pitted by tiny waves. A bright blue sky. Our car’s test driver was smiling pleasantly, hands on his thighs, not touching the steering wheel at all."
Nice Article from Cliff Kuang at Fast Company ~JIM

Your customers' lives aren't your own, and you’re designing for them.
Nice article from Cliff Kuang of Fast Company about how User Experience Principles are helping Ford to reinvent the way it produces both products and services. ~JIM

What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team
Brilliant article from Charles Duhigg of the NY Times on how empathy and concerns for one another drive highly effective teams. ~JIM