Best of UX February

Originally Published on LinkedIn

8 Common Dysfunctions of Design Teams—and What to do About Them
"As a design partner at GV, I’ve worked with more than 100 startups in the past 5 years. Before that, I was a design lead on teams at YouTube and Google, and an early employee at FeedBurner, a startup in Chicago." In other words: I’ve seen a lot of design teams in action over the past decade. The people on these teams are invariably talented, smart, and hard-working.
Nice article on what not to do by John Zeratsky, Design Partner at GV. ~JIM

Design Library Practical resources to support the process of design
Thanks, Austin Center For Design for this nice library of design resources. ~JIM

Becoming a More Thoughtful User Experience Designer
Nice article on creating amazing experiences from Jake Lee Haugen ~JIM